Best Bike Shops in Bend, Oregon

If hitting Phil’s trail or cycling Cascade Lakes Highway is on your agenda when visiting Bend, Oregon you’ll likely want to know where to pick up extra tubes, get emergency repairs done, or just gain some local knowledge.

Below is a complete list of bike shops in Bend, Oregon. We’ve broken down each shop by what brands they carry and important things, like if they serve beer 🙂

Plus, you’ll find all the info you need to contact the shop or find it using Google maps.

Best Bike Shops in Bend, Oregon

Project Bike

Project Bike opened its doors to the public on August 18, 2017, and despite the short amount of time they’ve been in business, they have become one of the top cycling shops in Bend. They have numerous different bike brands and styles to rent, depending on where you’re planning on riding.

The staff is also knowledgeable about the equipment and the area, so can help you find the right bike for the trail you’ll be using it on. Custom builds are also an option, giving you a bike that is designed specifically for you.

For winter gear, they also have some snowshoes for rent, with adult and kid sizes in stock. T-shirts, gloves, helmets, and even water bottles with the Project Bike logo are also available for purchase. If you’re a bit thirsty, you can also help yourself to a free beer compliments of 10 Barrel Brewing Co as you scope out their selection of gear.

These guys aren’t just trying to rent or sell you a bike, either. They believe in building a community, where those who love bikes and trails can share their experiences and their knowledge, and have some fun at the same time.

Phone: 541-668-6377
Address: 35 NW Bond St Bend, OR 97701
Visit Website
Brands: Intense, Rocky Mountain, Norco, Transition, Sage
Demos/Rentals: Yes

Crow’s Feet Commons

One of the reasons Crow’s Feet Commons is one of the best places for bike rentals in Bend, Oregon is the fact that every bike in their shop is hand-picked by the knowledgeable staff. This ensures that they only have the best quality bikes available for any trail you choose to ride on.

But this is more than a bike shop, they also offer a variety of winter gear. This includes skis, boots, poles, skins, and bindings, and a variety of packages so you get exactly what you need. And if you like the feel of the items you’ve used, you can even buy them, with the cost of the rental taken off the full price.

As well as being a fantastic downtown Bend bike shop, this location also has a coffee bar that serves Stumptown coffee, as well as a variety of teas and some tasty hot chocolate.

There is also the Crow’s Feet Commons Tap Room that offers a rotating selection of hand-crafted beers from across the globe. If you don’t like beer, a variety of wines and ciders are also available, all of which can be enjoyed in the Mirror Pond Plaza.

Phone: 541.728.0066
Address: 875 NW Brooks St, Bend, OR 97703
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Brands: Devinci, Livingston, Evil
Demos/Rentals: Yes

Sunnyside Sports

Sunnyside Sports is one of the oldest bike stores in Bend, Oregon. They started out in 1972, honoring the tradition of connecting their customers to each other, as well as to the great outdoors.

They offer their customers only the highest quality bikes, whether they are for sale, rent, or just a demo model. They even offer repair and tune-ups for those living in or visiting Bend, Oregon. Bike deliveries are also an option in certain areas of the city for a small fee.

In the winter, when biking is no longer possible, Sunnyside Sports also offers cross country skis, snowshoes, skates, and even snow sleds for those with little ones or who have a lot of gear to take with them.

To help you look your best on the trail, this shop also sells a variety of hats, caps, shorts, jerseys, and socks, so you’ll be set for any season.

Phone: 541.382.8018
Address: 930 NW Newport Ave, Bend, OR 97703
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Brands: Trek, Cervelo, Yeti, Ibis, Turner
Demos/Rentals: Yes

Pine Mountain Sports

Pine Mountain Sports has been in business since 2000. In the past 18 years, they have proven themselves to be one of the most innovative companies around.

They specialize in mountain bikes, hence their name, plus have added some environmental aspects to their business. The shop is powered by solar panels, plus they have a solar-powered electric vehicle charging station right in their parking lot.

Unlike other shops, instead of sponsoring a cycling team, these guys prefer to become Trail Ambassadors, supporting and empowering all riders who believe in giving back to the community. They supply their ambassadors with tools, trail info, spare tubes, and first aid kits, all of which are used to help any trail rider in need.

As well having the largest demo mountain bike fleet in Central Oregon, Pine Mountain Sports also offers rentals on alpine or cross country skis, boots, poles, snowshoes, climbing skins, and even safety gear like probes or shovels. Their store also has a ton of merchandise and gear for sale, including shirts, helmets, goggles, and much more.

Phone: 541.385.8080
Address: 255 SW Century Dr, Bend, OR 97702
Visit Website
Brands: Trek, Santa Cruz, Juliana
Demos/Rentals: Yes

The Hub Cyclery

If you’re looking for a bike shop in Bend, Oregon, The Hub Cyclery is a great choice for rentals. They offer dozens of different brands of mountain bikes, fat bikes, or town cruisers. This means you can get what you need for whatever type of biking in Bend, Oregon that you prefer. The rentals all vary in price as well, depending on the type and style of bike you are looking into.

The Hub Cyclery also offers more than just a bike rental in Bend. Their bike shop also has a service department. The friendly, professional staff caters to all types of riders, offering a variety of repair and maintenance services to meet your bike’s needs. There also do custom builds for bikes and wheels.

While you wait for your bike to be repaired or while you’re browsing the gear they have on display, you can also enjoy a cold beer from the tap at their shop. They also switch up the brews now and then, so you can sample the local beer from the area while you get ready for the trail.

Phone: 541.647.2614
Address: 1001 NW Wall St, Suite 102, Bend, OR 97703
Visit Website
Brands: Transition, Surly, Felt
Demos/Rentals: Yes

Hutch’s Bicycles

Though Hutch’s Bicycles has been in business since 1927, they originally sold lawnmowers and made keys as well as selling bikes in Eugene, Oregon. They didn’t open a store in Eastern Bend until 1981, with the second location on the west side opening 8 years later.

Both of these Bend, Oregon bike shops have a wide selection of bikes to choose from, including Mountain Bikes, Fat Bikes, Road Bikes, Cruisers, City Bikes, and Comfort Bikes available for men and women.

They also have some youth and toddler bikes to get all members of the family out enjoying their outdoor adventures. Of course, both stores don’t have the exact same selection, so be sure to do your research before you head out.

Hutch’s Bicycles also offers a few services to their customers. Bicycle repair, Fit services, and custom bike and wheel builds are all available, with professional technicians in charge of every detail.

Westside Location

Phone: 541.382.9253
Address: 725 NW Columbia St, Bend, OR 97701

Eastside Location

Phone: 541.382.6248
Address: 820 NE 3rd St, Bend, OR 97701
Visit Website
Brands: Specialized, GT, Electra, Santa Cruz, Liv, Haro, Raleigh
Demos/Rentals: Yes

Sagebrush Cycles

A local bike shop in Bend, Oregon doesn’t need to offer all the bells and whistles to make it in this area. They just need a great location and decent services. For the location, Sagebrush Cycles sits next to a local bakery and a great smoothie shop, plus has Backporch Coffee Roasters across the street.

The services include one of the biggest high-end demo bike selections in the city, which they are consistently expanding to meet the needs of their customers.

They also offer lifetime service for any of the bicycles they sell, to ensure it is in the best condition possible at all times. They have a trained repair staff to service and repair your bike, no matter where you bought it from.

For rentals, Sagebrush Cycles offers part-day or 24-hour options. They will also include pedals and a helmet for those who need them. If you prefer alpine sports, you can get your hot waxing done on your alpine and Nordic skis, as well as your snowboards, right in this bike shop.

Phone: 541.389.4224
Address: 35 SW Century Dr, Bend, OR 97702
Visit Website
Brands: Jamis, Rocky Mountain, Felt, Pivot
Demos/Rentals: Yes

Bend Cyclery

Bend Cyclery has been in business for about 20 years, beginning in a small bicycle service shop. With the success of their business, it wasn’t long before they needed to expand to a much larger space. They are located near many of the best Bend mountain bike trails as well, so you can ride right out of the store.

When cycling in Bend, Oregon, you need the right bike for the trail you favor. This bike shop has numerous mountain, enduro, or downhill bikes to choose from, in various brands, so you’ll always be able to find the right bike for you. They also stock all the gear needed to be safe on the trail in almost every type of weather.

There are many bike shops with beer in this area, but Bend Cyclery has it on tap for free, so you can enjoy a brew after your ride. They also have free showers, trail reports, and some advice for those inexperienced with mountain biking on the Bend trails.

Phone: 541.385.5256
Address: 133 SW Century Dr, Ste 202, Bend, OR 97702
Visit Website
Brands: Kona, Norco, Knolly, Fatback
Demos/Rentals: Yes


WebCyclery has been in business since 1998, starting out as an online store that sold mostly messenger bags. After a few years, circumstances forced them to expand their sales, starting with trail bikes, single speeds, 29ers, and other types of bikes. At this time, they also moved from the owner’s garage and opened their own brick-and-mortar store.

Since then, this shop has expanded their stock, adding more variety while still specialing in the high-end bike lines. They also offer a number of accessories, like eyewear, child seats, helmets, bike locks, and even some supplements and snacks for your trip.

Because Bend also has a lot of skiers that spend their time on Mt. Bachelor, they began WebSkis.com, plus have a great selection of Nordic skis in their shop. This way, they can outfit the outdoor lovers in and around Bend all year long.

As well as selling and renting bikes and skis, they offer repair and service to all their gear. They also offer bike suspension overhauls, so you have the most comfortable bike possible.

Phone: 541.318.6188
Address: 550 SW Industrial Way #150, Bend, OR 97702
Visit Website
Brands: Scott, Echo, Salsa, Inspired, Niner, Fatback
Demos/Rentals: Yes

Mountain Water Snow Sports

Since 2013, this small shop has been a go-to for those interested in mountain bikes, water sports, and snow sports. It is family owned and operated, and the entire staff is as knowledgeable about the area as they are about the equipment in their store.

This store is fully stocked with great bikes that you can rent or buy, plus has all the accessories needed to do so safely, including helmets and gloves. But these guys don’t just sell or rent you a bike, they insist you try it out first, even letting you take it outside for a few spins around the parking lot to be sure it is the right model for you.

Of course, with a name like Mountain Water Snow Sports, you can’t just expect the store to be stocked with top-of-the-line Mountain bikes. They also rent and sell all types of equipment for water and snow sports as well, including rafts, paddleboards, wakeboards, kayaks, skis, and poles. This way, you can get all your gear for the entire year in one shop, making this one of the most convenient shops in the area.

Phone: 541.633.7694
Address: 170 SW Scalehouse Lp, Bend, OR 97702
Visit Website
Brands: KHS, Free Agent, Intense
Demos/Rentals: Yes

Bend Velo

Unlike many of the other shops in the area, in the last 7 years, Bend Velo has worked hard to become the most popular shop for commuting, gravel, and adventure bikes, rather than focusing on trail and mountain rides. They have a variety of brands of “Steel” bikes for sale and rent, giving you the perfect model for touring the area or riding to work.

As well as great bikes to buy, they also offer rentals for a few hours, the day, or for as long as you need it, all for a decent price. They also have the gear you need to be safe and look great while you check out the fabulous sights Bend has to offer.

They can sell you a bike off the floor or build one to your specifications. Bend Velo also has a great repair service, getting your bike back to you as fast as they can. And if you are looking for a group ride, they have one every Wednesday evening, starting at Jackson’s Corner East Side and continuing on for 30 miles.

Phone: 541.382.2453 (BIKE)
Address: 1212 NE 1st St, Bend, OR 97701
Visit Website
Brands: J Livingston, Surly, Breezer
Demos/Rentals: Yes

Let It Ride Electric Bikes

After seeing electric bikes and learning how they could change the whole cycling industry, Kevin Rea decided to start his own electric bike shop in 2010. Though he tried out a number of electric bike brands, the Pedego brand was always his favorite, which is why his shop is the only Pedego dealership in Central Oregon.

For their sales and rentals, Let It Ride Electric Bikes has a variety of Cruisers, Commuting, Cargo, Mountain, and Tandem eBikes in stock. If you are traveling with little ones or pets, they even have trailers to attach to the bikes, so the whole family can enjoy the ride.

As well as the eBikes, Let It Ride also offers eBike tours. There is the Short & Sweet Tour, which only last 1.5 hours, the Deschutes River Tour, which follows the river through the city, and the Taste of Bend Tour for those who want to sample the best breweries and pub rooms the city has to offer. The Tour Center Location is located at their Pedego Showroom for added convenience.

Phone: 541.647.2331
Address: 550 SW Industrial Wy #125, Bend, OR 97702
Visit Website
Demos/Rentals: Yes

Bend Electric Bikes

If you’re looking for a great electric bike shop in Bend, Oregon, this store is a great place to stop. The owner and staff don’t just sell and rent the bikes in their shop, they actually use them as well, so they know what to look for in a great model.

They have a wide variety of bikes to choose from, no matter what type of adventure you prefer. This includes Town, Cargo, Mountain, City, Fat Tire, and Cargo eBikes, for men and women. They even have family eBikes for rent, so you can take your kids with you as you tour the area. You can check out Bend on your own, or sign up for one of their tours for a guided view of the city.

One thing Bend Electric Bikes has that you won’t find at any other bike shop in the area is the Onewheel, which consists of a flat piece of hardwood covered in a footpad, with a large tire in the middle and a motor to propel you forward. It’s like snowboarding in the summer, only motorized.

Phone: 541.410.7408
Address: 223 NW Hill St, Bend, OR 97703
Visit Website
Demos/Rentals: Yes

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