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Best Breweries in Bend Oregon: Full List and Map

Bend, Oregon is an adventure-filled city, with countless trails to hike or bike, plus skiing at Mt. Bachelor and water sports at any of the nearby lakes. So, it’s no wonder you’ll find some of the best breweries in Bend, Oregon as well. In fact, there is one for every 4500 people in the city, which is the most per capita in the entire state.

If you want to check out the best Bend breweries, but don’t know where to start, check out our list of breweries in Bend, Oregon and what each has to offer. If you’d like, you can even look into the Bend Ale Trail, which lets you accumulate passport stamps which gets you souvenirs as you taste your way across the Bend, Oregon breweries map.

Bend, Oregon Breweries Map

Breweries in Bend, Oregon

Deschutes Brewery

Deschutes Brewery began as a small brew pub, founded by Gary Fish in 1988, making them the oldest brewery in Bend. It overlooks the Deschutes River, which is where its name originated. They produce a wide range of beers, including their Mirror Pond Pale Ale, Deschutes River Ale, and Black Butte Porter.

Today, Deschutes has a large brewing facility, plus a couple of brew houses. Together, these ship to 28 different states, so you don’t need to live near one of the top Bend, Oregon breweries to enjoy their beer.

But along with creating delicious Bend beer, this company also believes in giving back to the community. They focus on four areas, including hunger prevention, youth services, water conservation, and land conservation. They believe in sustainable practices and giving back to the community that supports them.

Phone: Brewery – 541-385-8606, Public House – 541-382-9242
Address: Brewery – 901 SW Simpson Ave, Public House – 1044 NW Bond St.
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Go There For: Those who come here can expect great, friendly service and fresh, delicious food.

Bend Brewing Company

Founded in 1995, this one is the second oldest Bend brew pub, and they have worked hard to maintain their client base in that time. It is locally owned, brewing their signature beers on the second floor of their pub, which overlooks Mirror Pond.

BBC brewery has a unique system for their brewing process, using direct fire kettles to create their own special flavors. And it has worked well for them, seeing as how they have earned themselves over a dozen different awards over the years.

As well as their rotating beer selection on tap, there is also a wide menu, which includes a variety of salads, sandwiches, desserts, and much more. The relaxed atmosphere and friendly service make this one of the best Bend, Oregon breweries around.

Phone: 541-383-1599
Address: 1019 NW Brooks St.
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Go There For: The views of the river and surrounding areas is fantastic while enjoying a beer or a meal.

10 Barrel Brewing Co.

10 Barrel is another of the top Bend, Oregon breweries. This company began production in 2006, with their brew pub opening up 4 years later. Since then, they have opened brew pubs in Boise, Portland, Denver, and San Diego, plus expanded their distribution to other states.

For their year-round brews, you can choose from their Apocolypse IPA, Joe IPA, Out of the Office Hoppy Pilsner, and their Pub Beer Lager, along with a few others. But 10 Barrel brewery in Bend, Oregon also has seasonal beers and small tank beers available, both of which are only around for a limited time. They also make some ciders for those who prefer something other than beer.

Along with their special beverages, there is a tasty menu for guests to enjoy. And this Bend, Oregon brewery even has a Charity of the Month program, which raises money for select organizations over the course of a month. They also host Charity Tuesday, which happens on the last Tuesday of every month. All the profits earned between 5 pm and 9 pm are donated to charity.

Phone: Brewery – 541-585-1007, Pub – 541-678-5228
Address: Brewery – 62970 18th St, Pub – 1135 NW Galveston Ave
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Go There For: If you like to sit outside around a real fire, the 10 Barrel patio is the place for you.

GoodLife Brewing

Goodlife Brewing Company opened its doors in 2011 and has become one of the best Bend, Oregon breweries since then. They use a 30 barrel, 4 vessel system that has been custom designed to make the best Bend beer possible. They also use the gorgeous Bend views, as well as the culture and lifestyle, to inspire them to meet their own expectations.

As well as their flagship beers, which include the Descender IPA, Sweet As! Pacific Ale, and Comatose Imperial IPA, they also offer local ciders, kombucha, and even add some guest beers from some of their brewmaster’s favorite area breweries into the mix. There is also a great menu, serving pub inspired meals that are all locally sourced for extra freshness.

The Bierhall is big enough to host large gatherings of friends and family, and even hosts a Biergarten on the breweries east side, where local musicians entertain their guests. The large yard is also great for keeping the little ones entertained while you enjoy their delicious brews.

Phone: 541-728-0749
Address: 70 SW Century Dr
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Go There For: Though their beer is tasty, the backyard beer garden is the draw for many summer guests.

Silver Moon

The building that houses Silver Moon Brewing was built in 1952 and was home to a few other businesses before Tyler Reichert opened his homebrew shop in 2000. He did some major renovations and even installed a 10 barrel brew system in the small space.

Then, in 2013, he sold his business. The new owners moved to a bigger location, doing some of their own renovations a few years later, but still kept the same amazing brews while coming up with their own new flavors.

Along with the tasty craft beers, this brewery pub has live music every week, plus hosts a variety of events onsite, including Bingo for the Cure, which supports the American Cancer Society, the World Cup Games: Live at the Moon, and board game and trivia nights.

One of their flagship beers is their F* Cancer brew. Whenever a keg or case is purchased, the proceeds go to the American Cancer Society to fund research, education, and cancer prevention.

Phone: 541-388-8331
Address: 24 NW Greenwood Ave
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Go There For: If you like to enjoy some live music while you sip your craft beers, add this place to your Bend beer tour.


Crux brewery in Bend, Oregon is formally known as Crux Fermentation Project and is located at the heart of the city. They use unique brewing techniques, such as open fermentation, decoction mashing, and barrel aging to create one-of-a-kind beers you won’t find in any other part of Bend.

Right in the center of the brewery is their tasting room, which has over 20 of their original craft brews right on tap. As you enjoy the flavors, you also get to experience the smells and sounds that come with their whole brewing process, and you can gaze at the Cascade Mountains at the same time. This is one of the best Bend, Oregon breweries for those who like to involve all their senses in what they do.

As well as their tasty beers, there is also a great menu. Though not huge, it has something for everyone, including sandwiches, salads, soups, and even a few sweet treats. You can bring the kids and even a pet if it is warm enough to sit outside with the furry members of your group.

Phone: 541-385-3333
Address: 50 SW Division St
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Go There For: Crux is great for those who like to sample a few different beers each time they come while enjoying the gorgeous scenery.


Boneyard Brewing Co. in Bend, Oregon may not be kid-friendly, and there is no menu. This place only serves beer, but this focus may just make them one of the top Bend, Oregon breweries to visit if you’re thirsty.

Boneyard Beer first started out in 2010, housed in an old auto shop located in the historical district of the city. The owner, Tony Lawrence, collected old brewing equipment from over a dozen breweries, creating his own little “boneyard,” which is where the name comes from.

Eventually, he and his co-founders, Clay and Melodee Storey, used this equipment to create their beers, slowly replacing the old fermenters with new ones as their business grew. But they kept their 20-barrel system, which is still in place today.

They brew 17 different beers and are now expanding their new facility to increase their beer-making capacity. But even as they grow, they won’t change their main focus, which is creating “balanced, hoppy beer.”

Phone: 541-323-2325
Address: 37 NW Lake Place
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Go There For: This place is just for those who love beer, and maybe a bit of merchandise to promote their favorite establishment.


Monkless Belgian Ales prides themselves on tradition. Originally, beer was brewed in monasteries, to help provide sustenance to the people. But the boiling of the water that went into the beers also helped to reduce water-borne epidemics that plagued those in the sixth century.

Though there are no monks at Monkless, the spirit of the brewing process and the patience needed to create the perfect brews remains the same. They focus only on brewing Belgian-style ales here, with their Dubbel Or Nothing, The Trinity, and Meet Your Maker brews, among others. They also have seasonal beers available for those who like to sample new flavors.

Though the brewery itself doesn’t have food service, there is a food truck that parks on the property on Fridays, so you can snack on some Belgian Frites, Bratwurst, and other European delicacies to match your favorite brew.

Phone: 541-610-5098
Address: 20750 High Desert Ln. Suite 107
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Go There For: Belgian-style ales are the focus here, so if you want a taste of Europe, swing on by.

Ale Apothecary

Though their beers can be found around Bend, Portland, and Corvallis, this is one of the few Bend Oregon breweries that is not open to the public. They just make beer here, focusing only on that instead of the crowds their tasty brews could bring in.

But there is a tasting room located on Century Drive if you would like the experience of sitting at a table with a group of friends and sampling the different flavors.

Established in 2011, Ale Apothecary was founded by Paul Arney. He had been brewing beer for about six years at another company but decided he wanted to try out brewing beer in his own unique way. He started slow, developing his process on a small scale to create the perfect flavors.

His process includes fermenting his beers in wooden barrels, sometimes taking a few years until they have reached the perfect fermentation, all done in Arney’s 500 square foot garage. His signature beers include Sahalie, La Tache, Sahati, El Cuatro, and Ralph.

Phone: 541-797-6265
Address: 61517 River RD
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Go There For: Barrel-aged beer that offers a bit of sophistication, served in a vintage setting.

Craft Kitchen & Brewery

Their philosophy says it all—live, eat, and drink. Craft Kitchen & Brewery focuses on high-quality brews, preparing mouth-watering local dishes, and creating a lively atmosphere to enjoy it all.

They use a 3.5 barrel system and source the finest ingredients to hold try to their ‘craft’ name. This means using locally sourced orchard wood to create their house smoked meats and BBQ (did we mention it’s finger licking good?). Their meat and seafood all come from the PNW.

They brew anything from your standard lager to more adventurous, one-of-a-kind beers such as the Sweet Potato Imperial India Nut Brown Barrel Aged. In their taproom you can create your own taster flight or trying one of the ever-changing beer list.

Phone: 541-668-1766
Address: 62988 Layton Ave #103
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Go There For: A lively atmosphere, fun events (bingo, etc), and amazing smoked meats


If you want to try out delicious craft beers from Bend, be sure to add Immersion Brewing to your Bend brewery tour. There are three owners, Sean Lampe, Amanda Plattner, and Rachael Plattner, all of whom do their very best to give you the fantastic beer and a great experience.

Along with their own brewed beers, which include silver medal winners Little Fawn and Bender, plus a variety of others, there is even a Brew-it-Yourself option. The owners use their personal experience to help you choose your favorite from 30 different recipes.

Then they guide you through the process of brewing your own beers, which takes roughly 2 hours. Three weeks later, you have your own brew ready to be bottled and labeled, with 2 cases of 22-ounce beer to take home.

Along with their great beers and excellent service, Immersion offers a pub-style menu sourced from as many local ingredients as possible.

Phone: 541-633-7821
Address: 550 SW Industrial Way, Ste. 185
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Go There For: The inviting atmosphere draws you in, and the chance to make your favorite brew seals the deal.

Crooked Jay


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Go There For:

Boss Rambler

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Go There For:

Spider City Brewing


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Go There For:

Bevel Craft Brewing

The name may have you scratching your head, but there is good reason why Bevel Craft Brewing is called such.

The breweries founders, Nate and Valarie Doss, are not only passionate about brewing world class beer, but equally so about playing disc golf at a world-class level. Combined they have multiple world championship titles under their belt. And this is where the name comes from—in Frisbee lingo, a beveled edge is the sloping surface on the edge that ultimately allows you to throw it such far distances.

Bevel Craft Brewing is Bend’s newest operation in the brewery scene. They opened their doors in April 2019 and strive to create the best hop-centric microbrewery in Bend and beyond. Focusing on IPA’s, they aim to create one for every palate. Each IPA they make features a unique combination of hoppiness, bitterness, and maltiness.

Be sure to stop by their tasting room try out a taster flight served in guess what…a frisbee. And you can even take dibs on your seat with their ‘buy a barstool’ program that allows you to take claim of your personalized barstool, chair or table. (Note: rules state that you cannot kick anyone out from your seat, but you can always trade)

Phone: 541-972-3835
Address: 911 SE Armour Rd. Suite B
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Go There For: IPA’s, IPA’s, IPA’s…

Cascade Lakes

Cascade Lakes Brewery is actually located in Redmond, where all their beers are brewed, but has a great flagship location in Bend. The Cascade Lakes Lodge opened its doors in 2006, located in a woodsy building 6000 square feet in size. There are two levels here, with the main seating area on the lower level.

The second floor is best suited to private parties, with a pool table and dart board to keep everyone entertained. This location also has a heated patio where you can relax with your furry friends if the mood strikes you.

Cascade Lakes has 6 main beers that are brewed throughout the year, including their Blonde Bombshell, Salted Caramel Porter, and Cyclops IPA. But they also offer their guests a number of seasonal brews to sample.

There is also a wide menu, offering seafood, tacos, sandwiches, salads, burgers, and anything else you may want.

Phone: 541-388-4998
Address: 1441 SW Chandler Ave
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Go There For: Those that try out Cascade Lakes are greeted with friendly staff who pride themselves on great hospitality, not to mention the cold, tasty beer.

Shade Tree

Shade Tree Brewing is owned and operated by Larry Johnson. As well as previously owning Home Brew Shop, Larry is an ASE Certified Master Technician, plus had been a tour guide for another brewery in the area. Using this experience, he built a 2000 square foot steel building on his Deschutes River Woods property and began his own brewery.

This location not only gives him easy access to his brewery, it also allows him to use pure Oregon well water for the best tasting beer possible. But along with being one of the best Bend, Oregon breweries, they are also one of the greenest. They use efficient brewing techniques, reducing wasted water. Even their delivery vehicle uses biodiesel instead of the more harmful fossil fuels.

To visit this location, you need to book an individual person or small group appointment. There are also tours in the works, though only August tours are scheduled at this time.

Phone: 541-383-3730
Address: 19305 Indian Summer
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Go There For: A tour of a home-located microbrewery that lets you sample handcrafted brews.

Tranquilo MSA

Tranquilo MSA was established in Bend in 2015. Their focus is on creating the best NW Mexican-style ales, brewing them with traditional Mexican music in the background during the entire process.

Their Tranquilo Especial MSA is one of Bend`s top choices for Mexican-style ales. It is light, yet crisp. Best of all, you can match it with almost any type of food you prefer, so you can skip the tacos for a night and still enjoy your favorite brew. Their Tranquilo Amber is a similar version, only caramel.

Phone: 541-997-1852
Address: High Desert Lane
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Go There For: If you like great ales that offer a taste of Mexico, this is the beer for you.


RiverBend Brewing Company began their brewing process in 2013, using a 10bbl brewing system that was manufactured in Vancouver, Washington. Since then, they have created a wide selection of regular beers, plus have added a few seasonal beers they rotate through and a variety of barrel-aged specials for their customers to enjoy.

They are located in the north end of downtown Bend, next to the Deschutes River. The brewery and the pub both share the same location, with only a parking lot to separate them. This lets you choose to-go growlers from the pub or a larger keg purchased right at the brewery to serve a larger crowd.

As well as enjoying their signature brews, such as Scenic Byway, Schwenk`s, or 300 Days of Sun, the pub also has a large menu, plus a bunch of sports channels displayed on 16 big screen TVs to keep you entertained while you enjoy your meal.

Phone: 541-213-2269
Address: 2600 NE Division Suite 101
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Go There For: A family-friendly experience with all the sports channels you could want.


If you want to check out classic craft Bend, Oregon breweries, add Oblivion to your Bend brewery list. This company was started by Darin Butschy, who dabbled in homebrewing while still in high school. He got a job at Devil Mountain Brewing Company, washing kegs.

During his time there, he also apprenticed under Jum Deboer, the company`s Brewmaster, who taught him the essentials of the brewing process. A couple of years later, Darin became a head brewer in California. He also studied chemistry at California Polytechnic State University at the same time. Over a decade later, he moved to Bend, and eventually began the brewery he`d always wanted.

Oblivion Brewing Company sold its very first keg in 2013 and has since grown to a 10-barrel system to keep up with their distribution needs. They have six regular beers available, plus a few seasonal options. There is no tasting room just yet, but Oblivion promises it will open soon.

Phone: 541-241-2733
Address: 63027 Plateau Drive, Suite 4
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Go There For: Well, you can`t go there yet, but you can enjoy their beers all around the Bend area.


The building that houses McMenamins started out as a Catholic grade school back in the 1930s. Then, in 2004, it was renovated. Hotel rooms, a movie theater, meeting rooms, music rooms, and yes, a brewery were all added.

The brewery created handcrafted beers onsite, serving them in the brew pub upstairs. They have a number of ales of varying shades of light and dark, plus they serve wines and ciders for those who aren`t partial to beer.

The brew pub also serves Northwestern pub fare, using fresh seasonal ingredients sourced locally. Everything from pizza, soup, and pastries are all made here as well, so you can expect the best quality possible.

If you`d like, you can even venture to the courtyard to enjoy your meal and brew, and if you have had too much to drink, check in to the hotel for a great night`s stay.

Phone: 541-382-5174
Address: 700 NW Bond St
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Go There For: A great meal and a beer, enjoyed while checking out a great historical location.


Located on the east side of Bend, just off Highway 20, is the Worthy Brewing Co. It was founded in 2012 by Roger Worthington, who wanted to do more than just brew beer.

As well as the brewery, there is also a garden and a greenhouse on the site. This is where experimental hops are grown, where new varieties are tested out to create the perfect beer. There are also a few herbs grown here, which are used in the restaurant to give everything the right flavor.

This is one of the Bend, Oregon breweries that believes in making as small an impact as possible. They use a 50-kilowatt solar electric system and also heat their water with solar energy. Their machinery is all high efficiency, there are skylights to increase natural light, and they have implemented recycling and compost systems.

Along with the brewery, there is a restaurant to grab a delicious meal. There is also a beer garden and a Hopservatory, where you can gaze at the stars as you sip on a Worthy IPA or Prefunk Pale Ale.

Phone: 541-639-4776
Address: 495 NE Bellevue Dr
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Go There For: Fresh food full of flavor, a great atmosphere, and a Hopservatory to check out the stars.

Bridge 99

Bridge 99 Brewery was named after a local landmark, Lower Bridge, which was also called Bridge 99. Owners Trever Hawman and Rod Kramer also liked that it reminded them of the song “99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall.”

These two friends began their company as a hobby, using eco-friendly techniques and fresh ingredients from local sources. As demand grew, so did their business, which led to their current location for their brewery and tasting room.

As well as making a variety of different beers, such as Wizard Falls IPA, Rock Crawler Red, and Bull Trout Stout, these innovative men also make sure their company gives back to the environment that supports them. The spent hops, grain, and yeast go to a local ostrich rancher and the grain wastewater is collected and used as fertilizer on a nearby farm.

Phone: 541-280-1690
Address: 63063 Layton Ave
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Go There For: A visit with the friendly owners, who like to share their processes as you sample the brews.


Avid Cider

Avid Cider, formerly known as Atlas Cider, is one of the few Bend, Oregon breweries that don’t make beer. Instead, their focus is on hard cider, which is made by fermenting apples and other fruits. This is how they create their Dry Organic Apple Cider, Pom-Cherry Cider, Blackberry Cider, and Apricot Cider.

The idea to make cider sprouted when owner Dan McCoy went on a backpacking trip to Europe, where his wife Samantha encouraged him to try the local cider. Upon their return home, Dan began learning everything he could about fruit fermentation and everything else he needed to create the best product possible.

Their taproom serves all their best ciders, plus some beer for those die-hards. There is a pool table, arcade games, and TVs for you to watch the game. If you’re hungry, a Food Kart is onsite.

Phone: 541-633-7757
Address: 550 SW Industrial Way, Suite 190
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Go There For: For ciders that are the perfect combination of tart and sweet, this is the best brewery in Bend, Oregon for you.

Red Tank Cider Company

Red Tank Cider is the very first cider company to begin brewing in Bend. They started small, using the knowledge they had to brew up the best cider they possibly could, starting from scratch. And they never believe their cider is perfect, which is why the process of testing and tasting never ends.

The cider that comes out of their brewhouse is made with only the simplest ingredients, including apples, yeast, and natural sulfites. There are no chemicals added, so the cider is completely natural, making it safe to drink and safe for the environment.

Even their tasting room is simple. It is only open for a few hours a day, and only a few days a week. But if you’re interested, this should give you more than enough time to sample their four premier ciders, Happy, Roughneck, Pear Bear, and Chops!, plus any seasonal brews they have available.

Phone: 541-420-9987
Address: 840 SE Woodland Blvd #185
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Go There For: Simple ciders that taste great, without all the frills.

Rimrock Cider

In 2014, the very first cider from Rimrock was sold, cementing their place in Bend’s cider history. The brewhouse is located on the east side of Bend, but unfortunately, if you want a taste of their delicious ciders, you can’t do it here. There is no tasting room on the property, so you’ll have to do your tasting elsewhere.

But it is still worth it to hunt Rimrocks brews down, especially if you love delicious cider. All the ciders made by this company are handcrafted in small batches, using locally grown apples. These batches are fermented slowly, letting the natural process do the work. This gives the flavors time to mellow and blend together, creating the perfect full taste.

Phone: 541-419-0500
Address: 60648 Barlow Trail
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Go There For: Well, you can’t go there, but you can enjoy their ciders at a few other Bend locations, or get a few to take home.

Tumalo Cider Company

Kelly Roark began Tumalo Cider in 2007, right in his own home. He collected free apples in trash cans, then pressed them himself, with some help from his friends, to create a tasty homebrew. But he realized he could turn his love of cider-making into a business.

He partnered with Jeff Bennett, who helped him with all the formalities, such as logos, licenses, and other necessary paperwork. Eventually, they build themselves a proper cider house, using eco-friendly and sustainable materials to keep their business healthy as well as profitable.

The cider is brewed in small batches, creating dry, yet complex apple flavors. They have two main ciders available, the Dry and the Semi-Sweet. But they are planning to add more brews to their list in the future, all of which will be uniquely inspired by the landscape of Central Oregon and traditional cider-making techniques.

Phone: 503-319-0284
Address: 64649 Wharton Ave
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Go There For: There are no set hours displayed, but you are welcome to visit the cidery to check out the brewing process.


Breweries Near Bend

Three Creeks

This isn’t one of the Bend, Oregon breweries, because it’s actually 22 miles northwest of the city in Sisters. It was established in 2008 by Wade Underwood, who located his brewery beside the Sisters Movie House and close to the FivePine Resort.

The brews created by this company are made using top-quality ingredients, including local hops and the best malts they can find from around the globe. The water comes from the Cascade Mountains, so is easily accessible and crystal clear.

You can visit the brewery’s tasting room if you’d like, but for the full experience, the brew pub is the place to be. This family-friendly establishment has a variety of beer on tap, plus has a great menu filled with salads, soups, pizza, burgers, and desserts.

Phone: 541-549-1963
Address: 721 Desperado Court, Sisters
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Go There For: The rustic cabin atmosphere that is comforting and relaxing, plus great burgers and refreshing brews.

Wild Ride

This also isn’t one of the Bend, Oregon breweries. It’s located right at the heart of Redmond’s downtown area. Planning for the brewery began in 2011, though the group of friends doing the planning needed a brewmaster to fully fulfill their dreams.

Once they found brewing specialist Paul Bergeman, they turned to location scouting. This led them to an old lumber storage building which had all the features they needed to create the perfect brews.

In 2014, they officially opened the doors to their production brewery and Tap Room, and have been serving their guests 7 days a week ever since. There is also a large patio, though the food comes from a variety of local food carts located in the parking lot. Plus, there are a number of brews to choose from, including 3 Sisters American Red Ale, Big Booty Golden Ale, Brenna A Amber Lager, Cole’s Lager, and many more.

Phone: 541-516-8544
Address: 332 SW 5th Street, Redmond
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Go There For: A wide beer selection served by friendly staff in a great atmosphere.


Ochoco isn’t one of the Bend, Oregon breweries, but it is close. The company opened its doors in 2011 in Prineville, though at the time they were called Solstice Brewing Company and were more restaurant than anything else. But a year later, the brewhouse was up and running, using a 7bbl brewery packed in 800 square feet of space.

A few years later, they moved their brewery to a larger location at Prineville’s edge, their pub to its current Main St. location, and officially became Ochoco Brewing Company. The brewery supplies the pub with tasty brews, as well as a few other choice locations around Central Oregon.

There are always well over a dozen Ochoco brews on tap, including their Double Dam IPA, Show Me The Honey Wheat, Prinetucky Pale Ale, and Bandit Springs Stout. They even have ciders. There is also a great pub menu, with handmade burgers, sandwiches, wraps, chicken, pasta, and steak.

Phone: 541-233-0883
Address: 380 N Main St., Prineville
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Go There For: The food is delicious, served by friendly staff in an inviting setting, plus you can bring the whole family.

Smith Rock

Smith Rock is one of the smallest Oregon microbreweries, with only a 1/2 barrel brewhouse to create their tasty beer. This is the reason they can supply their pub taps with only a few their own beer selections at any time. But they do offer a variety of guest brews as well for a wider array of beer to choose from.

As well as their handcrafted beer, this family owned and operated brew pub also has a fantastic menu. You can pick from appetizers, salads, burgers, sandwiches, plus some lighter choices for the kids or those just looking for a small snack while they enjoy their beer.

If you prefer to sit outside, there is a patio that is pet-friendly where you can enjoy the great weather. Be advised that this brew pub specializes in smaller parties under 5, so if you have a large group, you may want to head to another location.

Phone: 541-279-7005
Address: 546 NW 7th St., Redmond
Visit Website
Go There For: Fresh, delicious food and a great patio make this brew pub a popular choice.


The Sunriver Brewing Company is owned by the Cameron Family, who decided that the mountain resort area of Sunriver was the best location for their business. As well as the gorgeous location, they have access to the pure natural waters of Mt. Bachelor and the Cascade Mountain Range.

As well as their tasty craft beers, Sunriver prides themselves on their amazing service and their environmental initiatives. They use compostable containers made of sugarcane, plus have a recycling program in place in Sunriver Village. They also support a number of local charities, giving back to the community that supports them.

As well as the brewery and pub in Sunriver, there is a second pub location in Bend, so this is sort of a location you can add to your Bend, Oregon breweries list. But the brewing itself happens in Sunriver. Either way you go, you can try out their Rippin Northwest Ale, Fuzztail Hefeweizen, Vicious Mosquito IPA, or Paddy’s Irish Stout.

If you’re hungry, the pub serves great food with an artisan touch. Sunriver has a wood-fired smoker at the brewery, which they use to create mouth-watering smoked meat. The chef at the pub also makes all their dressings, sauces, and stocks from scratch. They source as much of their menu as possible locally for the freshest food. And there is a Kid Zone to keep the little ones busy.

Phone: 541-593-3007
Address: 57100 Beaver Dr., Sunriver
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Go There For: The Kid Zone is great to keep your children entertained while you try out the fantastic brews or sit down to your meal.

Kobold Brewing

Kobold Brewing was originally one of the Bend, Oregon breweries. Steve Anderson began brewing beer in his 3rd Street home for himself. But over time, he designed a 2-barrel nano-brewery system and began distributing beer around Bend and Redmond.

A year later, he and his wife Heather decided to grow their operation, moving their business to Redmond. They opened a taphouse, while still brewing beer at home. But a bigger system was needed, so production of a new brewery began in Redmond as well, which is still under construction.

To try Kobold beer, a visit to The Vault Taphouse is a must. You can try out all their best brews, including their Crooked Fate IPA, K-Juice Double IPA, Kobald Bohemian Pilsner, and 3rd Street Cred Red Ale.

They don’t make their own food, but the Westside Taco Co and Tots! food trucks are parked right on their patio to fill your tummy. You can also get delivery from another local restaurant, or bring your own food in to snack on while you sample the tasty brews.

Phone: 541-678-3884
Address: 1470 NW 3rd St
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Go There For: There’s a great outdoor patio with two unique food trucks to sate your appetite.

Best Ways to Enjoy Beer in Bend

While you’re checking out the Bend, Oregon breweries, you may also want to check out the local beer-serving events in the area to get a taste of what Bend life is all about.

Explore Local Pubs

Just because a local pub doesn’t make its own beer, doesn’t mean you won’t find any local brews there. Many of them serve the very same beer you’ll find at the Bend, Oregon breweries, as well as those from the surrounding areas. So, if the brewery is closed or doesn’t allow tours, you can still sample what they have to offer at any of the pubs the city.

Bend Ale Trail

If you want to check out all the Bend, Oregon breweries, you can try touring them along the Bend Ale Trail. To do this, first grab a map and a passport from the Bend Visitor Center, the ticket mill found in the Old Mill District, or a brochure rack.

Then start walking the trail on the map, or find a tour operator who will get you a seat on a bus, or in a Towncar. You can even ride in a horse-drawn carriage if you’d like. But please, don’t drive yourself if you plan on visiting a few locations, or having a few at just one of them.

At each brewery, get a stamp on your passport. Once you hit ten stamps, you can head back to the Bend Visitor Center to get a Bend Silipint souvenir. If you visit all 16 breweries, you can add a Bend Ale Trail bottle opener to your prize as well.

Bend Brewfest

Bend Brewfest is an annual celebration of craft beer. Local Bend, Oregon breweries, as well as those all over Central Oregon, have their beer sampled by visitors. There are also cider houses and wineries that bring out their best brews for guests to enjoy.

This festival has reached its 16th year, showcasing the best brews Oregon has to offer, many of which you can’t get anywhere else. You do need to purchase a souvenir mug to do any of the tastings. It costs $20, but you get 5 tasting tokens with it. There are also a few local vendors serving food, and children are welcome until 5 pm.

Central Oregon Beer Week

This 10-day celebration of craft beer takes place every May, right around the Memorial Day weekend. There are specific events which take place each day, including a kick-off bash, special tastings at many of the Bend, Oregon breweries, and much more.

To make your week even more memorable, you can check in, which unlocks the Central Oregon Beer Week Untappd badge, which lets you rate your favorite breweries and the beer they serve.

Little Woody Barrel Aged Beer & Whiskey Festival

This weekend festival celebrates barrel-aged products, including beer and cider, that can all be found in the Northwest. 25 local and regional brewers bring their best small batch brews to be sampled.

It takes place right on the lawn of the Deschutes Historical Museum, so you can enjoy the views and a bit of Bend history as you sip your favorites. Live music keeps you entertained throughout the festival as well.

Another fun aspect of this festival is that they are giving out limited edition gnome goblets to the first 300 people who show up dressed as gnomes.

Bend Ale Fest

The Bend Ale Fest takes place in the Northwest Crossing Neighborhood, where guests can sample over 40 different beers from 20 local Bend, Oregon breweries. This year, the event takes place on November 10, from 11 am to 8 pm. The Fest is also located at the finish line of the Bend Ale Run, so if you take part in that event, you’ll likely want a tasty brew to cool you down.


Zwickelmania Oregon Brewery Tour lets guests check out breweries in the Portland area on one weekend, and then the breweries in Central, Eastern, and Southern Oregon, plus a few other areas, the following weekend.

The breweries who participate in the event offer special treats for their visitors, including a meet-and-greet with the brewer, tours, tastings, and even some food and beer pairings. Best of all, this event is free.

Bend Oktoberfest

Despite its name, Bend Oktoberfest takes place on a weekend in September. There, you can enjoy the beer supplied by many of the Bend, Oregon breweries. But there is so much more than beer here.

There are a bunch of fun games and crazy events, such as a wiener dog race, the renegade roller derby, and a yodeling contest, plus some traditional music and square dancing. This is another free event, and the whole family is welcome.

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